Dec. 21st, 2012

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I've had Hayley Masters on repeat lately. She's a little known Christian artist with talent. Her latest EP Lead Me has a flavor of Pop fused with beautiful, thought provoking Christian lyrics. She has a voice and style similar to that of Taylor Swift, Adele and Britt Nicole and has hosted benefit concerts to help end human trafficking and lower suicide rates. She has reached out to so many people. She has commented on many of my statuses that supported her artwork when I had a Facebook page.

I admire artists that try to support humanity as well as give God all the glory with their talents. Check her out at your next stop to the iTunes Store!

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aleahkate: (me and the cross)

Went to the mall again today. I'm happy to report I only spent $8.50 on my grandma a Christmas present. I had a nice day there. I love wandering in the bookstore! I walked past CamiCakes at the mall and snapped a picture of the building and one of their cupcakes just cause they were eye candy. I didn't order any but I might buy one sometime. :)


I didn't order any of them but I just might one day!

Tonight was a good night too. Our youth group gathered at someone's house and had a bonfire. We ate and sang around the fire and then played games inside. The weather was 43 degrees! It was funny 'cause 3 firemen were there with a firefighter in our youth group and they were helping to add to the fire. They moved the logs with their fireproof gloves which I thought was cool.



Needless to say it was a relaxing night!

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