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It's finally locked now.

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So I have about 50 journals. No, I don't mean online ones. I mean the real ones, the ones that are actually blank books. I could write a novel in one but I don't. They represent so much to me! I view touching the pen to one without a masterpiece in mind as fatal to the gold lined pages. I know it's wrong and that I shouldn't care because it's just a book but I keep dreaming, waiting and hoping that one day I will struck with an awe inspiring idea. It's been years and I've added more journals to my collection but most still remain empty, void of any stories or poems. I purchase a new one and think "Maybe this cover will inspire me to write again!" but more often than not I find it empty again, collecting dust on my shelf.

I'm an okay writer, I consider myself one that needs to spend more time honing and studying my art. I've let many excuses hinder me. A main one is technology. I don't have to think too much when I know I only have 140 characters on Twitter, a limited amount of status space on Facebook or a certain amount that I know my online friends can process. I could write a long story on here but it would only cause people to delete me because no one has the time to sit down and read a story...especially if it has the potential to be boring. I feel connected with online journaling and I am beginning to view the old fashioned way of journaling as *GASP* antique. I just don't feel connected to my writing when I'm not writing to an audience anymore.

A long time ago, I viewed my book as one of my only friends, someone -- or something I could talk to, get my opinions out and feel better when I dotted the period with my special pen. Now when I hit the period button and hit "Post Entry" I almost feel electrifying chills knowing it can be sent, kindly critiqued and read in feeling by the whole entire world. It's a more improved feeling than feeling confined to a blank book. However journals will always be a back up. I need to make it a back up. God only knows what could happen to websites. Who knows? LiveJournal might shut down one day. Hostess lasted decades but it still shut down so we never know. It's a comfort knowing that I ever set my mind to it, I will have written things in my diaries and be able to one day touch my crisp pages. I'll be able to hear my (fake) leather cover crack open and be transported back to a self and time I'll never be able to go back to again. It's not terrible being a blogger, Tweeter or a Facebooker but whether we realize it or not it does hinder a certain part of the writer in us. I'm guessing one day I'll let my pen flow again in addition to all this but not until I meet courage head on and face it. I know I will have to write in a lingering silence that will only tell me a little something of the truth.
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Went to the mall again today. I'm happy to report I only spent $8.50 on my grandma a Christmas present. I had a nice day there. I love wandering in the bookstore! I walked past CamiCakes at the mall and snapped a picture of the building and one of their cupcakes just cause they were eye candy. I didn't order any but I might buy one sometime. :)


I didn't order any of them but I just might one day!

Tonight was a good night too. Our youth group gathered at someone's house and had a bonfire. We ate and sang around the fire and then played games inside. The weather was 43 degrees! It was funny 'cause 3 firemen were there with a firefighter in our youth group and they were helping to add to the fire. They moved the logs with their fireproof gloves which I thought was cool.



Needless to say it was a relaxing night!

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I've had Hayley Masters on repeat lately. She's a little known Christian artist with talent. Her latest EP Lead Me has a flavor of Pop fused with beautiful, thought provoking Christian lyrics. She has a voice and style similar to that of Taylor Swift, Adele and Britt Nicole and has hosted benefit concerts to help end human trafficking and lower suicide rates. She has reached out to so many people. She has commented on many of my statuses that supported her artwork when I had a Facebook page.

I admire artists that try to support humanity as well as give God all the glory with their talents. Check her out at your next stop to the iTunes Store!

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Just blew $10 on a cell phone charm but it was so cute! It was a little fishy with pink gems on it. ^.^ I named him Hello Fishy! :)

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Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
( Philippians 1:6)

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I repented of so much tonight. I trudged into the church knowing I hadn't prayed in a few weeks. I didn't know what to do. As the worship song service progressed, I felt the weight of insecurity. Then I saw my pastor jumping up and down. That's when I began to think...if he can worship God in the midst of all the tragedies in America, in the midst of all the hurt life throws at him then so can I. As I began to give my worship to God something wonderful happened! I began speaking in tongues, dancing and twirling in the Spirit! I felt like I was running for joy in a meadow full of green grass and flowers only I was in the midst of something greater. I was in the midst of the All Powerful, All Mighty God! I felt so much strength and renewal.

Know that there is Scriptural backing to dancing and worshipping God. When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the people began renting their clothes crying out 'Hosannah! Hosannah!' The Pharisees didn’t like it & complained to Jesus. Jesus turned to them & spoke bodly 'If these do not praise me then the rocks will cry out and praise me.' David danced before the LORD with all his might. His OWN wife rebuked him but he continued. Psalms tells us to praise in the dance, to sing a new song & to shout unto God with a voice of triumph! God loves the praises of His people! Yes, there are times we should be reverant and silent, that is in the Word of God but it is also Biblical to lift up our voice with joy! He helps us as we rejoice because He knows the joy of the LORD is our strength. :) Elijah outran a chariot when the Power of God came upon him (see 1 Kings 18:46). Running for joy in the Spirit sometimes happens when someone is being renewed in the Holy Ghost.

Most discredit Apostolic Pentecostal churches as being too dramatic and I do see their point and where they are coming from. Frankly, I know there are churches out there that do seek attention and are not sincere in their worship but please understand, I do try to be sincere.

I felt so renewed, so refreshed and so happy! I don't want to ever let go again. No more two minute prayers here and there, God wants me to spend more time with Him! No more wondering whether or not if I'm going to church just because I was raised in it. No more. Just God.

Pray for me. Please. I need to spend more time with Him and sometimes it's hard.

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I've been changed



And favored

I've found love



My past is over!

And right now, and right now is the moment

Today is the day I've been changed

And I won't let Him pass me by!

I won't go back, can't go back to the way it used to be before Your Presence came and changed me.
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At the zoo. Had no idea it would be a mini festival! There's people roasting marshmallows by fire while watching kids moon jump. I just saw some jaguars and snakes! And I ate Oreo Cake Balls. Basically like cake pops only a million times better!

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We go under them.

Children desire to live in them.


Trees are where we receive life and food.

When nature calls, the waving branches place us in a calmer mood.

Good times and sad times happen near trees.

The innocence of children roam near there.

The peace for adults is something they share.

They cry with the rain

And rejoice with the light's rays

Let me live under trees if you please
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Dec. 11th, 2012 01:01 pm
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I have been having a wonderful time on vacation. I am staying in a condo with my Aunt Sherri, Uncle Joel and my family. It is beautiful with a lake in the back and the condo resides high on a mountain. I haven't been out on the lake yet but it nice looking out at the sparkling waters.

We go and visit my cousins Kris and John and their baby. It's been enjoyable shopping and seeing beautiful homes. It almost makes me want to go back to school. :) 

Funny story: I went Christmas shopping in Georgia for my sister and bought her something in their little mall. I bought her a nice scarf with beautiful flowers sewn on it. I was excited to buy it for her! Unfortunately, it was so cold that I took the scarf back for myself considering all the scarves are at home now and not here in Georgia. I wore it proudly, not to mention warmly. While I adjusted it in the mirror in a restaraunt, Kayla goes "That's a cute scarf. Where did you get it?" I told her at the mall. She praddled on about how adorable it was and then she stopped. "Wait," she said "Was that my Christmas present?" Sheepishly, I went yeah. She was not too happy with me! So I'm wearing Kayla's almost Christmas present. She slit her eyes at me and told me that I better put that thing back in the stocking. 

*Sigh* Maybe.
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Going on vacation to GA this week! Excited. :) I'll be visiting my cousins John and Kris and their little cute baby Hayden! He's adorable and really sweet. I loved babysitting him and last year, I learned how to change a diaper. 
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Hannah tried to make a phone out of coke cans and yarn. However, it didn't work because of the yarn so she just got buttons and made them into bells instead! Jingle all the way! :D
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