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I repented of so much tonight. I trudged into the church knowing I hadn't prayed in a few weeks. I didn't know what to do. As the worship song service progressed, I felt the weight of insecurity. Then I saw my pastor jumping up and down. That's when I began to think...if he can worship God in the midst of all the tragedies in America, in the midst of all the hurt life throws at him then so can I. As I began to give my worship to God something wonderful happened! I began speaking in tongues, dancing and twirling in the Spirit! I felt like I was running for joy in a meadow full of green grass and flowers only I was in the midst of something greater. I was in the midst of the All Powerful, All Mighty God! I felt so much strength and renewal.

Know that there is Scriptural backing to dancing and worshipping God. When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the people began renting their clothes crying out 'Hosannah! Hosannah!' The Pharisees didn’t like it & complained to Jesus. Jesus turned to them & spoke bodly 'If these do not praise me then the rocks will cry out and praise me.' David danced before the LORD with all his might. His OWN wife rebuked him but he continued. Psalms tells us to praise in the dance, to sing a new song & to shout unto God with a voice of triumph! God loves the praises of His people! Yes, there are times we should be reverant and silent, that is in the Word of God but it is also Biblical to lift up our voice with joy! He helps us as we rejoice because He knows the joy of the LORD is our strength. :) Elijah outran a chariot when the Power of God came upon him (see 1 Kings 18:46). Running for joy in the Spirit sometimes happens when someone is being renewed in the Holy Ghost.

Most discredit Apostolic Pentecostal churches as being too dramatic and I do see their point and where they are coming from. Frankly, I know there are churches out there that do seek attention and are not sincere in their worship but please understand, I do try to be sincere.

I felt so renewed, so refreshed and so happy! I don't want to ever let go again. No more two minute prayers here and there, God wants me to spend more time with Him! No more wondering whether or not if I'm going to church just because I was raised in it. No more. Just God.

Pray for me. Please. I need to spend more time with Him and sometimes it's hard.

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