Nov. 30th, 2012

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I had a wonderful Friday night! We took my dog to get groomed at PetsMart. She freaked out when we left her and it was hard but we knew we were leaving her in good hands. While we waited, Kayla, Kelsey and I went to Target and later on I finished my Christmas shopping! :) I bought my Mom and Grandma something from LifeWay and then we chilled in Target.

After we had Girl's Night we went to Friday Night youth service and I was pleasantly surprised to see Stephy! She hasn't came in a while and we small talked.

The lesson tonight was eye opening. My youth pastor preached about guarding our heart. He said it's much easier to give God the problems that in our heart than it is just to control our behavior. He said it's easy to hide our heart with good at first but that God takes it a step further. We can't just filter our actions, we have to filter our hearts. Very true! We can conceal our behavior and mask our intentions with good, learned behavior for a while. However, our true person will eventually come out if we don't guard ourselves. Revelation: Christianity isn't just about not sinning. It's about guarding what we know will harm ourselves.

1. Guard our hearts
2. Keep away from things that will hurt our hearts
3. Pray for guidance
4. Read the Word

So tonight was fun. My dog Lady enjoyed meeting the youth group in our big church property. She said she wants that to be her backyard! lol I don't blame her!



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