Nov. 15th, 2012

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Dear Friends,

I have enjoyed sharing my life and making new friends on here. However, I am afraid I have become addicted. While this can be cured by limiting my time, I feel I need to be off. I will not be deleting my account but I will be taking a vacation from social networking.

The Lord craves our waking early morning thoughts and I haven't really been spending time with Him. My pastor recently told us God is calling the Church to be more than just His servants because He wants to reveal His plan for our lives and for the world in us through friendship. The only way that can happen is if we develop a friendship with God. A servant is easier than friendship because we can say "Okay God, I did the checklist of stuff you want me to do. Bye!" But a friend spends time getting to know each other. They know what each other's plans are. A servant just does what he's supposed to and goes off his merry way.

I can't find out God's will for my life if I'm not willing to be friends with Him. The Word even says He doesn't want to just call us His servant, He wants to call us Friend. Best friends tell each other secrets and God wants to reveal some His people. I wanna find out some too! ^.^

With that said, please DO NOT unfriend me. I should be back within a few weeks, perhaps months if the Lord impresses on me to go longer. I have enjoyed getting to know most of you. Please pray for me as I try to find out about my mysterious illness as well as seek the Lord about for the career and ministry He has for my life. I will pray for you guys too. When I'm back, by faith, I know I will have a story of how the Lord can make a way.

Warm Regards,
Aleah Kate

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