Nov. 9th, 2012

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Tonight my Youth Group and I went to Chick Fil A and did a Film Scavenger Hunt! It was loads of fun. First, we ate chicken and ice cream then we split into teams. The leader handed us a sheet of slightly embarassing things to do then released us in the Town Center parking lot with lots of stores to work on our fate. Just going to list all but one we did! :)

1) My friends and I did a hysterical commercial for a random car in the parking lot! We prayed the owner was not nearby...

2) We went and did a grocery cart race. I rode in a basket Allie pushed me and we raced against another person. It was hilarious! I was screaming 'cause I was so scared I was going to crash!

3) We found a group of kids and we asked them to help us with a movie. We then started screaming and was like,
"Hey! We saw you on TV! You were on iCarly! Aren't you on that Disney show? OMIGOSH! CAN WE HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH?" The blonde girls eyes lit up in joy. They felt like celebrities! All of them are in my book! ^.^
One blonde wore hot pink and glitter boots. My kind of girl. Loved her style! I don't care if I'm not even a teenager, I'm totally stealing it!
Side Note: We totally made that family's night! lol

4) Stephy drank a whole 20 oz. soda and had to do a burp. Live...on TV. (Okay, not really. The video was roling via iPhone and going to be posted on Facebook but you get the drastic humiliation.)

Had a great time! Can't wait for next time we don't have Youth Service and chill instead!

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