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Nov. 3rd, 2012 05:42 pm
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By: Aleah Kate

When I reflect on all You've done

I see the perfect, perfecf One

Who saves, heals Whose Presence is here

I long to mirror You

To mirror You

May all I do Lord begin to mirror You

 Your Glory shines through all the earth

When I see Your face it will be all the worth

And from day to day I long to mirror You
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I had a wonderful day today! My family and I took our dog to a local Arts Market. We went around to booths selling honey, food, dog products, painitings and everything! My new dog loved it! She was so happy to be around people and so was I. When you're not around people every day, it can drive a human crazy much less a dog. She was jumpy but she was good considering it was her first time out seeing a bunch of people.

We walked by a magic show and I saw handmade journals being sold for $50. They were beautiful with metal Celtic symbols woven into the homemade material. I can't wait to buy it one day! After that, we took my dog to The Loop and I sucked on my vanilla milkshake outside on the porch while we looked at the birds and the water. I enjoyed tasting my Mom and Grandma's juicy hamburger after I was done with it. My dog enjoyed herself licking the last lick of whipped cream on my straw.

After that, my Mom and I went to Pets Supermaket and I used a $5 off coupon for some Science Diet dog food. The regular total was $12. The total after coupon? $6 plus tax. I was really satisfied! This food makes my Little Lady coat's firm and shiny. She is a wonderful whippet/lab dog that I know deserves to be happy! She needs it because I promise you, she runs about 45 miles an hour if I take her off the leash!

Speaking of which, I'm really wanting to work off that milkshake and cupcake I ate today. I'm going to take my dog for another walk. It's amazing. She still has more energy even though she's been out all day! I could learn from my Little Lady pet. ^.^

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