Oct. 27th, 2012

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Mom bought me Jessica Simpson heels, silver flats and Converse tennis shoes today! Thanking God for blessings ^.^

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I'll admit, I get really happy when I get things. Like today when I found a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes for $2 at a yard sale. After that, I went to Famous Footwear & found cute hot pink Converse shoes for on sale!

I felt like a queen but it all diminished when I walked into the pound and saw adorable critters that needed love. I saw an adorable cat that looked like she wanted a home so badly. Instantly, I felt the shame of all the clothes I one day dreamed of getting when there were more important things to do with $. Automatically, I wanted to save up all the money I could and save as many animals as possible. However I knew I couldn't because I'd get too carried away with it. 

It's funny because as soon as I stepped in the mall after leaving the shelter, it all changed. It started the brutal cycle of wanting stuff again instead of all the humanitarian efforts again. I've got to find a balance to all of this. *sigh* 

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